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Out Come Based Education & Attainment of Out Comes


Resource Person:


Dr Viswanadha Raju

Prof of Computer Science

JNTU, Hyderabad


Dates: 21st Feb and 22nd Feb, 2018



IQAC has organized a two day workshop on Outcome based education with special emphasis on Attainment of course outcomes. The resource person from JNTUH has the experience of delivering a number of talks on outcome based education. He broadly highlighted the origin of outcome based education in India and its importance vis-à-vis the accreditation process by NBA. Off late majority of the engineering institutions have switched over to outcome based education to cater to the needs of all the stake holders. In this outcome based education importance is given to the intended outcomes and how far the outcomes are attained.


During this work shop all the faculty were divided into branch wise groups and were made to work on measurement of attainment of various outcomes. Emphasis is given on the measurement of course outcomes and programme outcomes. The detailed procedure to be followed is explained and the faculty were asked to calculate  the attainment levels of Cos and POs by considering specific examples. At the end of the workshop the faculty understood the whole process of calculating the attainment levels and were confident of computing the attainment levels for all the courses. Further  they are in a position to compute the attainment levels of programme outcomes by considering all the courses pertaining to a batch of students. All the faculty attended this work shop and the outcome is very useful.