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Quality related issues in Higher Education

Resource Person:


Dr DN Reddy, Former Vice-chancellor



Date: 19th February 2018


These days all the stake holders of engineering education, Industry and employers

are not happy with the quality of engineering education offered across the country. It is

reported that only 20 percent of the engineering graduates coming out of the engineering

institutions are employable. The problem is not with the employments but with the

employability. Keeping this scenario in view IQAC has organized a talk Quality related 

issues in Higher Education for the benefit of the faculty. The speaker having vast experience

in the field of engineering education enlightened the audience on the need to offer quality

education to make the students more employable. He compared the engineering education

with that in other countries. He opined that though engineering education is accessible to

almost all the aspiring youth, majority of the institutions are not able to offer quality

education. It is the duty of the faculty to switch over to innovative teaching methods and

involve the students in the learning process. The role of a teacher in the class room should be

that of a facilitator and make the students to learn on their own so that they could become

lifelong learners. The institutions should concentrate on imparting the skills required like soft

skills , communication skills, interpersonal skills, human values and ethics to make them

more employable. In addition, importance is to be given to the development of

entrepreneurial skills so that they turn out to be job givers rather than job seekers.


All the faculty have attended the talk and it is of immense help to them in understanding the

current scenario of the engineering education.