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Experiential learning for deep learning & Effective mentoring


Resource Person: Dr Senapathi, Siva Sivani Institute of Management

Dates: 25th and 26th June, 2018

The IQAC has organized a programme on another innovative teaching methodology - experiential learning for deep learning,  and also on effective mentoring. While traditional student learning activities are teacher centric the experiential learning techniques are student centric with desired outcomes. The speaker dealt with how experiential learning can take place in the class room through techniques such as role plays, simulations and collaborative working in groups. He divided the audience into small groups and gave them some topics and made them to participate in role plays and simulations. The faculty enjoyed the way they were involved in the activities. The aim of the experiential learning is to develop knowledge through experience experiment and engagement.

In the session on Effective mentoring the speaker highlighted the importance of mentoring the adolescent students as they enjoy total freedom in engineering education unlike in the plus two stage where they are subjected to constant stress and pressure. The faculty have to be involved in mentoring a small group of students in order to impress upon them  that they should not misuse the freedom and rather enjoy the freedom in a controlled manner. Mentors should address  both academic and emotional issues. The speaker enumerated various incidents where   effective mentoring has helped in solving many issues amicably.  If  the mentoring by faculty is taken up seriously the students will be helped immensely and they can achieve their aspirations.

All the faculty have participated in the programme.