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Innovative Teaching Methods

Resource person: 

Dr Harish Nagaraj Dixit

Dept of Electrical Engineering

IIT, Hyderabad

Date: 30th June,2018


Technology has revolutionarised the way teaching is imparted in the class room. Most students are introduced to the use of ICT tools and social media platforms long before they pursue  Higher education. Institutions are struggling to catch up with technology advances. The conventional methods of teaching like chalk and talk is not relished by the students and has become obsolete. The lack of interest amongst students in the conventional lecture methods and also the demands of outcome based education has transformed the teaching learning process  from teacher centric to student centric. Keeping this in view the IQAC has organized a talk on Innovative Teaching methods by Dr Harish Nagaraj Dixit, IIT, Hyderabad. The speaker highlighted the importance of innovative teaching methods as they help to improve student retention and create positive cognitive effects on the learners. Through these methods the students willingly  accept different ideas and  their complexity of thinking will be enhanced. He mainly dealt with flipped teaching and experiential learning methods. He brought several simple demonstration models and explained how complicated concepts can be easily understood. He involved the gathering in the conduct of experiments. His talk was really motivating and the faculty were impressed with the way he had dealt with the complicated concepts and made them look simple. This session has motivated the faculty and they can definitely change their approach in the class room after   this session.