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Mapping of Outcomes

Resource Person:

Dr Akshay Naidu,

Head Department of Civil Engineering

Date: 29th June 2018


As the college is planning to go for NBA accreditation during 2019-20 the faculty were exposed to series of lectures on   Outcome Based Education by IQAC. Dr Akshay Naidu who has expertise in OBE conducted a session on Mapping of Outcomes. During the talk he explained the formulations of various out comes based on the vision and mission of the institute and the departments. Mapping is a tool for seeing relationships between different aspects of the institution based on learning outcomes. The most common form, curriculum mapping at a program-level, makes visible how courses in a curriculum align to the learning outcomes to which that curriculum strives. He also discussed about the identification of gaps in the curriculum and beyond  the curriculum after mapping the course outcomes with the intended programme outcomes. Based on the gaps identified through mapping, the faculty have to plan various activities like offering add on courses, organising workshops/seminars/guest lectures etc. After the gaps are addressed all the activities undertaken have to be mapped with the programme outcomes. All the faculty have understood the concept of mapping after the session and this had helped them in understanding the philosophy of outcome bases education.