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Quality Initiatives of IQAC - 2015-16

Workshop on Outcome based Education



Resource Person:

Dr Prabhu Benakop


Indur College of Engineering


Date: 23rd January,2016


As the institution wants to go for accreditation by NBA, IQAC has decided to organize series of lectures and workshops for the faculty to create awareness on NBA accreditation process. As the whole process of accreditation is based on Outcome Based Education it is decided to have the first programme for the faculty as a curtain raiser on OBE. The resource person for this programme is having vast experience as Principal and is well versed with the process of NBA accreditation. The speaker first highlighted the importance of accreditation and the whole process of accreditation by NBA. Based on the Washington Accord signed by India Outcome based education is to be implemented in all the institutions offering engineering education. Further only such of those institutions offering OBE are eligible to go for accreditation by NBA. In view of this engineering colleges are giving importance to OBE so that the graduates coming out of such institutions stand a better chance in the world in pursuing engineering practice. Then he explained the principles of OBE. Importance is given to the outcomes rather than the output based education. Keeping in view the well laid down Programme Outcomes for engineering graduates across the world, the Vision and Mission statements are defined for the institution. The speaker also stressed the importance of involving various stake holders in formulating the Vision and Mission. Then the curriculum is to be designed such that most of the Programme Outcomes are achieved by including the relevant courses. 

In case of affiliated colleges as the curriculum is finalized by the affiliating University, the college has to follow various steps in achieving the objectives of outcome based education. First the course out comes have to be defined for all the Courses offered in the curriculum. These outcomes are to be mapped with the Programme outcomes and gaps if any between the prescribed curriculum and intended Programme outcomes. Then the institution has to evolve mechanism to address the gaps for attaining all the POs. After this attainment levels of course outcomes and programme outcomes have to be computed. In case of poor attainment levels measures have to be taken for continuous improvement. At the end the speaker emphasized that the philosophy of OBE is to give importance to the intended outcomes attained by the students. Through this lecture the faculty is exposed to OBE and the accreditation process by NBA.