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Quality Initiatives of IQAC - 2015-16

Programme for Assistant Professors on Design Thinking-An experiential learning for faculty


Resource Person:

Dr Harish Nagaraj Dixit

IIT, Hyderabad.

Date: 19th September, 2015


Students must be trained to meet the demands of an increasingly complex world. Skills such as creative confidence helps the students to foster innovation. To better prepare students, two concepts, design thinking and experiential learning, are integrated. This exercise is intended to be used following a learning experience such as hearing a guest speaker or engaging with professionals on a project as a means of fostering deeper learning and building skills needed to work creatively. The IQAC has organised a programme on” Design Thinking-An experiential learning for faculty” to expose the junior faculty to the ideas of pedagogy of experiential learning. The resource person is a Professor from IIT, Hyderabad targeting young faculty in engineering college and training them on pedagogy. 

He informed that educators from across disciplines experiment with ways of developing students’ creative confidence through design thinking. Today in engineering education  everybody is talking about project-based, experiential, and student-centric teaching strategies Hence experiential learning and innovative thinking are crucial for the future career of today’s students.

The speaker focused on how the use of design thinking tools and techniques became invaluable when addressing the student’s learning experience. With an increasing trend in online content delivery, around the world, faculty need to rethink their teaching methods. The design thinking can help   addressing some of the key issues facing teaching - learning process.

By considering various topics in engineering subjects he enlightened the audience with the experiential teaching – learning methodologies. 65 faculty members have attended the programme. The lecture was interactive and was very informative and useful.