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Quality Initiatives of IQAC - 2015-16

Development Programme on Psychology and Team Work


Resource Person:

Dr Padmaja

Prof of Psychology

University of Hyderabad

Date: 4th July 2015


Effective teamwork can help in building an institution and also maintain high-quality

IQAC has organised a staff development programme on Psychology and Team work. For the development of any student, individual attention is very important. It helps them to focus on their strengths and overcome their weak points. But the faculty should also focus on promoting teamwork among students to nurture cooperation and develop a sense of unity among the diverse student groups in the classroom. Teamwork leads to better results as individuals harmonize their contributions and work towards achieving common objectives.


It is very important for students to learn how to work in team environment in order to attain teamwork skills. These skills will help them when they enter the workforce. Also, research has proven that students learn best from tasks that involve social interactions and working with each other. Collaborative learning should be supported and included in every classroom. But, many teachers struggle to make students work together as one team. They have to come up with fool proof team activities and have to assess the performance of each student in the team individually. Focusing on individual students and promoting teamwork among them is a crucial task that a teacher needs to carry out. In today’s highly contentious work environment, team work is a must-needed skill. The speaker concluded with the remarks that team exercises conducted in the classroom can be highly beneficial to the students. Teachers can plan interactive and interesting tasks to boost team participation. These classroom sessions can provide students with valuable learning experiences, which can help in their career growth. All the faculty participated in the programme and appreciated the talk.