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Quality Initiatives of IQAC 2016-17

FDP for Assistant Professors on Outcome Based Education


Resource Person:

Dr Satya Prasad Lanka


Stanley College of Engineering for Women


Date: 25th February, 2017


IQAC has been organising series of FDPs and Workshops on Outcome based education since December, 2015 by inviting experts from outside as the college is planning to apply for NBA accreditation. As a part of this IQAC, has organised a one day FDP on Outcome Based Education exclusively for Assistant Professors. 


The resource person is an expert in this area and had delivered many lectures and organised workshops. To create awareness among the faculty on outcome based education this programme is organised. The topics dealt by the speaker include: Difference between course objectives and course outcomes, Process of formulation of course outcomes, Programme Outcomes as specified by NBA, Mapping of COs with POs, Identification of gaps in the curriculum after mapping, Remedial measures for addressing the gaps, Re mapping after the gaps are addressed, Calculation of attainment values of COs and POs. After the talk the faculty were distributed into branch wise groups  and were made to map COs of all courses with POs and identify the gaps. They were also made to calculate the attainment values of COs and POs. At the end based on the reports submitted by the faculty an interactive session is organised to clarify the doubts. 70 faculty have attended. This programme is very useful  and all the faculty have developed expertise in the calculation of attainments.