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Quality Initiatives by IQAC – 2016-17

A session on Accreditation-Washington Accord

Resource person:

Prof Viswanadha Raju

Prof of CSE

JNTU, Hyderabad

Date: 24th September,2016


AICTE and the affiliating University are making it mandatory to implement the Outcome based education in all the engineering institutions. Outcome based education is the hall mark of Washington accord.  The Washington Accord is an international agreement between bodies responsible for accrediting engineering degree programmes. In accordance with this decision the institution is implementing the Outcome based education and has its perspective plan to go for accreditation by NBA accreditation in the academic year 2019-20. Accordingly the IQAC in order to gear up all the faculty organised a session on Washington Accord. 


The resource person is Prof Viswanadha Raju who has rich experience in NBA accreditation and also a member of the NBA accreditation committee for many institutions.  Prof Raju explained that the Washington Accord is specifically focused on academic programmes which deal with the practice of engineering at the professional level. The Washington Accord is dedicated to ease the mobility of professional engineers. By recognising engineering degrees as equivalent among all signatory countries, it makes it easier for engineers to gain professional registration in other countries, enhancing employment opportunities.


India is officially a member of the Washington accord from 13th June 2014 with the permanent signatory status of the National Board of Accreditation (NBA). This is considered as a significant step of progress for the higher-education sector in India. Now AICTE has made it mandatory for all professional institutions offering engineering education. During his interaction with the faculty he highlighted the important features and implications of Washington accord. All the faculty are benefitted by his talk.