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Quality Initiatives by IQAC – 2016-17

Orientation Programme for the New Faculty


Resource Persons:


1.         Prof S Venkateswar

            Director, MCET

2.         Dr Beena

            Prof of Psychology

            Osmania University, Hyderabad

Date: 20th August 2016


Teaching is an ethically and intellectually demanding profession.  As per the UGC guidelines teachers need rigorous preparation and opportunities for continuous professional development along with academic and professional support. Unlike teachers in school education, faculty in higher education usually join the teaching profession  without any formal training in teaching, learning or assessment. Understanding and capabilities in these areas along with awareness of policies, governance and administrative structures are developed informally out of their own experiences or from experiences shared by colleagues. One of the mandates set by the University Grants Commission is the development and implementation of a high quality Faculty Induction Programme for newly recruited faculty in higher education institutions. This can help new teachers to improve their teaching and management skills, adjust to the culture of higher education institutions, and better understand their professional responsibilities.


As stipulated by UGC the Faculty Induction Programme aims to help new teachers:

•           Understand their roles and responsibilities as faculty members

•           Familiarize themselves with the structure, functioning, governance, rules, regulations and professional expectations in higher education institutions 

•           Explore pedagogical processes - aims of higher education, curriculum, instructional planning, classroom management and transaction, use of resources and assessment

•           Recognise the importance of self-development, socio-emotional development of students and the importance of nurturing ethics and values in higher education.


In partial fulfilment of the requirement of UGC, the IQAC of the college organised a one day orientation programme for the new and junior faculty. Prof S  Venkateswar, Director(Academics), of MCET is one of the resource person to deal with the first three objectives prescribed by UGC. The second resource person is Prof Beena, Prof of Psychology, Osmania University. 25 faculty have participated and benefitted.