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Quality Initiatives by IQAC – 2016-17

Workshop on Personal Leadership for Senior faculty


Resource Person:

Dr ML Sai Kumar

Former Dean, Faculty of Business Management

Institute of public Enterprise, Hyderabad

Date: 15th July 2016


Senior faculty must have strong leadership skills to guide junior faculty and also the  institutions through crises related to various academic and administrative issues.   Strong faculty and academic staff leadership is essential for institutions to truly thrive in the current higher education landscape. Faculty and staff members are, indeed, change agents in higher education. Supporting leadership skills training for faculty and academic staff provides many benefits. IQAC felt the need to train the senior faculty and organised a workshop on Personal Leadership for Senior faculty. 


The resource person, Retd. Professor and Former Dean, Institute of Public Enterprise is a regular visitor to our institute for training both the faculty and students on various occasions. He has organised more than 500 FDPs and Student Development Programmes across the country. During the programme he stressed on the importance of senior faculty as they are the individuals who often exert their influence through the work they do with others to achieve common goals that are aligned with the institution’s mission. Without effective leadership of such efforts, sustained forward movement is not possible. He also enlightened the audience on the principles of effective management and acquiring the skills to be a successful leader. An effective leader can be an asset to the institution and contribute to impart  quality education to students. Junior faculty also admire an inspirational  leader and this helps in enhancing their contribution and   productivity. 30 senior faculty participated in this programme.