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Student Empowerment Programme on “Embracing Engineering”


Resource Person:

  1. Dr M Senapathy

            Siva Sivani Institute of Management, Hyderabad

  1. Dr Atul Negi

            Prof of Computer Science

            University of Hyderabad


Date: 25th and 26th August, 2017



Engineering design is different from other subjects, and it requires teachers and students to think differently. In the world of engineering design, engineers define problems to be solved and design or optimize solutions. There may be many paths to an engineering solution  and there may be more than one solution. It is for the students to adopt the most effective and simple solution. IQAC believes in exposing students to different quality initiatives. With this motto an empowerment Programme is organised for the benefit of the final year students. About 125 students are benefitted by this programme. Both the  resource persons are very effective and experts in training the students on various issues. According to the speakers the classroom environment must be a safe place for students so that  they feel comfortable taking risks and engaging in the learning experience. 


One of the resource person opined that engineering can be integrated into a variety of content areas, including those in which   students already excelled, such as English language, arts or social studies or mathematics. In addition, students can utilize the process of engineering design in many contexts connected to other subjects. Students can design or develop their own solutions to the problems they encounter. When teachers take an interdisciplinary approach students can see how relevant engineering is to their daily lives. All the students showed interest in the programme.