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Quality Initiatives of IQAC – 2017-18

A one day FDP on Pedagogy Basics for Engineering College Teachers


Resource Person:

Dr Vinaya Babu

Retd. Prof of CSE, JNTU, Hyderabad

Date: 5th July 2017

Pedagogy refers to the “interactions between teachers, students, and the learning environment and the learning tasks.  This broad term includes how teachers and students relate together as well as the instructional approaches implemented in the classroom. As the teachers of engineering are not exposed to the basics of pedagogy the IQAC has organised a one day programme on Pedagogy Basics for Engineering College Teachers  in order to expose the young teachers to the pedagogy. The resource person is a retired Professor of CSE from JNTUH and has a rich teaching experience of over 30 years. The speaker stressed the need for understanding the basics of pedagogy and accordingly select the methodology of teaching. He highlighted the well established   Five  Pedagogical Approaches in Teaching: 1. Constructivist Approach 2. Collaborative Approach 3. Inquiry-Based Approach 4. Integrative approach and 5. Reflective approach. He explained these five approaches with case studies and advised the teachers to slowly adopt these approaches based on the requirement.