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Course Outcomes and Programme Outcomes

Resource Person:


Dr Prabhu Benkop

Principal, Indur College of Engineering, Siddipet


Date: 3rd March, 2018


As the college is gearing up for NBA accreditation the IQAC has given utmost importance to train the faculty on Outcome based education and has exposed the faculty to a spectrum of speakers having rich experience in outcome baseed education. The speaker identified for the current programme is the Principal of an Engineering College having very good   experience in the area of outcome based education. All the faculty were asked to attend the programme. The speaker explained about the difference between course objectives and course outcomes. The course outcomes define what the student is capable of after completing the course. The programme outcomes 12 in number are defined by NBA in tune with the Washington accord. He also highlighted that if the course outcomes of all courses are mapped to Programme outcomes one can arrive at the gaps in the curriculum and also above the curriculum. The POs that are weakly mapped by the Cos have to be given special attention by the faculty to improve the mapping to strong by addressing the gaps in the curriculum and also over and above the curriculum. This talk has helped the faculty in the better understanding of COS and POs and also in identifying the remedial actions to be in initiated to make the curriculum more meaningful.