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Orientation Programme on Teaching Learning Process

Resource Person:  Dr KS Ratnakar, Former  Dean , NIMHS, Hyderabad

Date: 4th July, 2018                                                               Venue: Seminar Hall - Block D


IQAC has organised a one day “Orientation Programme on Teaching   Learning Process” for the faculty. 95 faculty had attended the programme. The speaker concentrated on the importance of teaching learning in general. He emphasised that the role of learning is extremely important in the preparation of adolescents and youth for citizenship in a democratic society. The learning process represents the channel through which the adolescents strive to acquire the habits, skills, knowledge, attitude, values and appreciation, which are necessary for effective participation in a democracy. Learning therefore becomes a process by which changes in behavioural patterns are produced through experience. Learning is brought about through teaching, teaching process is the arrangement of environment within which the students can interact and study how to learn. The process of teaching learning aims at transmission of knowledge, imparting skills and formation of attitudes, values and behaviour. He also highlighted that the role of the teacher is not just confined to the completion of syllabus and transfer of knowledge. The teaching learning process should be such that the students must be ignited in the class and they must be taught about the techniques to learn on their own so that they can become lifelong learners. 

The programme was made very interesting by the renowned speaker through real time examples and the faculty were exposed to new ideas on teaching and learning. At the end of the programme the faculty interacted with the resource person and participated in discussion.