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Composition of Internal Quality Assurance Cell Re- Constituted in October 2019
Dr M Lakshmipathi Rao



Dr Prabhu Benakop



Dr S Venkateshwar



Dr Ravinder G Reddy

Director R&D


Dr P Rajendra Prasad Reddy



Dr NH Shobha



Dr A Rajasekhar

HOD, Mechanical Eng


Dr P Lavanya



Dr Y Mastanamma



Dr K Anuradha Reddy



MS Rani Rajan

HOD, Bus. Mgt.


Dr Raghuchandra Garimella

Coordinator, Innovations and Entrepreneur Development Cell


Mr K Veerabhadra Rao

I/C Exam Cell


Mr A Sachendranath

Administrative officer


Dr Akshay SK Naidu

HOD, Civil Eng


Minutes of meeting of Internal Quality Assurance Cell   held  on 8th June,2018

As the Governing Body of the college has decided to start the work of the Accreditation by NAAC and the work is assigned to IQAC. The first meeting of IQAC after this decision was taken was held 8th June, 2018 and  discussed about the modalities of the accreditation process. It is decided to organise series of awareness programmes

The following  are the resolutions:

  • To download the NAAC Manual for Affiliated Colleges and circulate copies to all the Heads of the Departments
  • To constitute Criteria wise committees under the chairmanship of one   Head of the
  • In each committee at least one faculty member is to be included
  • To create awareness amongst the students about the accreditation by NAAC the HODs have to organise department wise student meets and inform them about the importance of accreditation by NAAC
  • Prepare criteria wise formats to get the required information from the faculty and administrative staff
  • To create a separate office for IQAC with the required infrastructure and secretarial assistance
  • To involve all the teaching and non teaching staff to involve in the preparation of SSR without disturbance to their regular work

At the end,  the Director informed that the Management has decided to  apply for accreditation by NAAC by submitting the SSR in the first half of the academic year 2019-20.

Further he also informed that it was also decided to go for NBA accreditation during 2019-20 and the Heads and faculty have to gear for the accreditation process.

The Director informed that keeping in view  the decision to go for accreditation for both NAAC and NBA, the IQAC will be reconstituted and a special meeting will be called after the reconstitution of IQAC.


Report on the Internal Quality Assurance Cell Special Meeting held on 22nd September, 2018

The Internal Quality Assurance cell is reconstituted keeping in view the accreditation process by NAAC and NBA. As the college is applying for 1st  cycle of accreditation of NAAC, as per the norms only such of those institutions accredited by NAAC have to constitute Internal Quality Assurance Cell based on the norms prescribed by NAAC. However the college has re-constituted the existing IQAC based on the requirements for the submission of SSR and SAR. All the Heads of the departments are the members of IQAC. In addition the various Administrative Heads are also made the members and a special meeting of the IQAC was held on 22nd September, 2018. In this meeting the Director explained at length the process of accreditation and sought the cooperation of all the members in the completion of work related to SSR and SAR to be submitted to NAAC and NBA respectively. All the formats required for the collection of data from various stake holders are finalised and schedules are finalised for collecting and compiling the data. Criteria wise committees are finalised. In addition to these committees various cells have been constit6uted for compiling the data. Some of the students were also made the members of these committees.  It was also decided to conduct programmes on accreditation to spread the awareness amongst all the stake holders. At the end that the Director informed that all the criteria wise committees have to meet once in fortnight and review the work.About 30 members have attended the meeting.

Quality Initiatives organised by IQAC

  1. (View) Orientation Programme on Teaching Learning Process, 4th July, 2018
  2. (View) Programme on Preparation for NAAC, 14th November, 2018
  3. (View) Learning through ICT, MOOCs and Spoken Tutorials, 30th January,2019
  4. (View) Mapping of Outcomes, 29th June 2018
  5. (View) Innovative Teaching Methods, 30th June 2018
  6. (View) Experiential learning for deep learning & Effective mentoring25th and 26th June, 2018 
  7. (View) A Programme for Professional Effective ness for Administrative and Supporting

Staff, 13th July, 2018

  1. (View) Quality related issues in Higher Education, 19th February,2018
  2. (View) Out Come Based Education & Attainment of Out Comes 21-22 February,2018
  3. (View) Course Outcomes and Programme Outcomes, 3rd March, 2018
  4. (View) FDP on Curriculum Planning, Development and Implementation, 9-10 July, 2017
  5. (View) A one day FDP on Padagogy Basics for Engineering College Teachers, 5th June 2017
  6. (View) FDP on Evaluation and Relative Grading for Non – Teqip institutions, 21st July 2017
  7. (View) Students Empowerment Programme on Perceptual Orientation for career Success, 4-5 August 2017
  8. (View) Student Empowerment Programme on “Embracing Engineering” 25-26 August 2017
  9. (View) Workshop on Personal Leadership for Senior faculty, 15th July 2016
  10. (View) Orientation Programme for the New Faculty, 20th August,2016
  11. (View) A session on Accreditation-Washington Accord,24th September 2016
  12. (View) Workshop on Creative teaching, 29th October 2016
  13. (View) FDP for Assistant Professors on Outcome Based Education, 25th February2017
  14. (View) Pedagogical Programme on Teaching Learning Skills to newly joined faculty, 13th June 2015
  15. (View) Development Programme on Psychology and Team Work, 4th July 2015
  16. (View) Programme for on Design Thinking-An experiential learning for faculty, 19th September,2015
  17. (View) Staff Development Programme on Attitude and Personality Development, 31st October 2015
  18. (View) Workshop on Industrial Research and Consultancy, 5th December 2015
  19. (View) Workshop on Blooms Taxonomy for  faculty, 19th December 2015
  20. (View) Workshop on Outcome based Education, 23rd January 2016
  21. (View) Staff Development Programme on Office Administration, 27th February 2016