Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualification:M.E. Structural Engineering
Total Experience:4
Teaching: 4Industrial: NIL
Paper Publications
International: 1National: 1
Subjects Handled:

Theory Subjects:

1. Strength of Materials - I

2. Prestressed Concrete (Non-CBCS)

3. Engineering Graphics

4. Theory of Plates (M.E)

5. Engineering Geology

6. Environmental Science

7. Theory of Structures - II

8. Finite Element Techniques

9. Engineering Mechanics


1. Surveying - I

2. Computer Applications

3. Geology

4. Material Testing/ Solid Mechanics

5. Auto CAD Lab

Research Area:

Structural Engineering

Papers Published/Books Published:

1. Mary Soujanya1, Annapurna. D2, Ravande Kishore3 - "Grade designation of Flyash and GGBS based Geopolymer concrete” - in the Proceedings of National Conference on Advances of Construction Engineering for Sustainability, Organized by ITS, ICFAI Tech School on 6th October 2017.

2. Annapurna. D1, Ravande Kishore2, Mary Soujanya 3 - “Analytical Modelling of Geopolymer concrete using ANSYS Software” - in the Proceedings of 62nd Congress of ISTAM, Organized by University College of Engineering, Osmania University during 15th - 18th December 2017.

Workshops / Seminars Attended/organized :

1. Participated in One Day Workshop on LATEST TRENDS IN CIVIL ENGINEERING, conducted and organized in March 2012 by Civil Engineering department, J.B. Institute of Engineering and Technology.

2. Participated and Volunteered, One Day National Workshop on ADVANCES IN CIVIL ENGINEERING, conducted and organized in September 2012 by Civil Engineering department, J.B. Institute of Engineering and Technology.

3. Participated in three day workshop on ENGINEERING RESEARCH METHODOLOGY conducted and organized in January 2016 by Civil Engineering department, University College of Engineering (Autonomous) Osmania University.

4. Participated and organized the three day International Conference on INNOVATIONS IN STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING (IC-ISE-2015), conducted and organized in December 2015 by Civil Engineering department, University College of Engineering (Autonomous) Osmania University.

5. Attended one week Faculty Development Programme on conducted and organized by In-House Traning Centre (ITC), CBIT, "TRANSFORMING INTO BETTER PERFORMERS" from 27.11.2017 to 01.12.2017 at CBIT, Gandipet.

6. Attended a one day workshop on Summit on Improving Aesthetics of cities with architectural concrete on 10th August 2018 organised by Indian association of Structural Engineers, South India at MCET.

7. Attended a one day workshop on 'Learning through ICT - MOOC's and spoken Tutorial' on 25-January-2019 at MCET.

8. Attended a 5 Day Faculty Development Program on Autodesk Revit Architecture conducted by ICT Academy on 17-06-2019 to 21-06-2019 at Methodist College of Engineering and Technology, Abids.

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Educational Materials/Resources Created:
SNFile NameCourseSemesterAction
1 weathering.pptxCivil III Semester - 2018-19Download
2 Groundwater.pptxCivil III Semester - 2018-19Download
3 ROCK MECHANICS.pdfCivil III Semester - 2018-19Download
4 Geomorphology.pptxCivil III Semester - 2018-19Download
5 6049.-BUILDING-STONES.pptCivil III Semester - 2018-19Download
6 Dams-Reservoirs.pptxCivil III Semester - 2018-19Download
7 3 Types of Rocks and the Rock Cycle Igneous Sedimentary Metamorphic rocks.mp4Civil III Semester - 2018-19Download
8 Social Issues and Environment.pptCivil III Semester - 2018-19Download
9 Environmental pollution and Environmental Legislation.pptxCivil III Semester - 2018-19Download
10 disaster-management.pptxCivil III Semester - 2018-19Download
11 Ecosystem.pptCivil III Semester - 2018-19Download