Designation:Associate Professor
Total Experience:18
Teaching: 15Industrial: 3
Paper Publications
International: 4National: 1
Subjects Handled:


Reinforce Cement Concrete,

Structural Engineering Design and Detailing  – I

Steel Structures

Advance Structural Analysis

Prestress Concrete

Advance Concrete Technology

Theory of Elasticity

Tall Buildings

Matrix Methods and Numerical Techniques

Computer Application Lab Using C and C++

Computer Application Lab Using MS-Excel

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Graphics

Environmental Studies

Disaster Mitigation & Management

Concrete technology



Research Area:

Structural Analysis and Design, Concrete Technology, RCC, Recycled Aggregate Concrete, Concrete Composites, Prestressed concrete and Earthquake Engineering.

Papers Published/Books Published:

1.Evaluation of torsional responses of an Asymmetric building. Published in national conference journal -2006; Banaras Hindu University.

2.Mechanical properties of binary blended recycled aggregate concrete using rice husk ash. Published in IJETAE and presented in 2nd International conference “IC ISE-2017” conducted by Osmania University.

3.Mechanical Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete using Bentonite & Robo sand Published in IJRET-OCT 2017

4.Comparative Analysis of Building with Out triggers & Water tank as Tuned liquid Dampers,"Grenze International Journal of Engineering & Technology-2018"

5.Mechanical Properties of M30 Concrete using Blast Furnace Aggregate,"Grenze International Journal of Engineering & Technology-2018"

Workshops / Seminars Attended/organized :

1.Three-Day International Conference on Innovations in Structural Engineering (IC-ISE-2015) during 14-16 December 2015 organized by Department of Civil Engineering, UCE (A), OU

2.Second International Conference on Innovations in Structural Engineering( IC-ISE2017),Dept. of Civil Engg., UCE(A),OU,(29-12-17 to 31.12.17)

2.One day workshop on Finite Element Methods (FEM-2016),CED, UCE (A), OU,30 July 2014

3.One Week Faculty Development Program on MSC-Nastran (Hands on Experience),CED, UCE (A), OU,12-17 May 2014

4.Teaching  and  Training Technologies,Department of  Civil Engineering,  Osmania University,03-09-2005

5.All India Seminar on Recent Developments in Concrete composites  organised by Institute of Engineers-Aug-2018

6.Faculty Development Program conducted by ICT Academy at Methodist college of Engineering & Technology,17-06-2019 to 21-06-2019

Memberships :

1.Professsional Engineer member in "ENGINEERS COUNCIL OF INDIA"

Awards :
Educational Materials/Resources Created:
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1 unit 1RCC.pdfReinforced Cement Concret Semester-VDownload
2 unit-2 RCC.pdfReinforced Cement Concret Semester-VDownload
3 unit 3RCC.pdfReinforced Cement Concret Semester-VDownload
4 unit 4 RCC.pdfReinforced Cement Concret Semester-VDownload
5 unit 5 RCC.pdfReinforced Cement Concret Semester-VDownload
6 unit 1PSC.pdfPrestressed Concrete Semester-VIIDownload
7 unit 2 PSC.pdfPrestressed Concrete Semester-VIIDownload
8 unit 4 and 5.pdfPrestressed Concrete Semester-VIIDownload
9 DMM-UNIT -II.pptxECE Semester-VIIDownload
10 DMM-UNIT-I-PPT.pptxECE Semester-VIIDownload
11 CT LAB.pdfCIVIL Semester-VIIDownload
12 unit 5-psc.pdfCIVIL Semester-VIIDownload
13 DMM_UNIT-V.pptxECE Semester-VIIDownload
14 Intze Tank.pptCIVIL Semester-VIDownload
15 SEDDI UNIT1.pdfCIVIL Semester-VIDownload
16 Unit-IV Disasters &Development.pptxECE Semester-VIDownload
17 circular water tank-1.pdfCIVIL Semester-VIIDownload
18 UNIT-V.pptxECE-DM VIDownload